What does XRain provide?

Precipitation (rainfall) information has traditionally been derived from rain gauge records. Rain gauges directly measure the rainfall at a certain point, and if installed appropriately can provide excellent data. However, estimating rainfall between rain gauges can be a difficult process, especially if…

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Source data

XRain is based on a dataset of historical precipitation measured using satellites. This dataset, known as GPM_3IMERGHH_06, is supplied by the Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) mission, a joint project between NASA and JAXA. GPM_3IMERGHH_06 (Huffman et al., 2019) is the…

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Seasonal precipitation Monthly Totals This is the total amount (depth) of precipitation received over the course of each month, plotted as a box plot. Outliers Users can choose whether to include statistical “outliers” when plotting the maximum and minimum whiskers. Ignoring…

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Extreme precipitation Extreme precipitation statistics (also known as design rainfall, precipitation frequency, intensity-duration-frequency, depth-duration-frequency or high intensity precipitation) are estimates of the depth or intensity that will occur at a certain frequency, and are used for modeling the flooding that might…

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